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Our story

Start something new from the past & bring it to your future!

Film Reel

Our Vision

We are a group of volunteers who have chosen to take part in promoting a program that allows the opportunity for the youth to learn, ask, discuss, create, and share video content about the Holocaust remembrance and crimes against humanity through social networks. This then influences today’s youth, by raising awareness to accept the other, and prevent racism.

We believe that the story of the Holocaust, the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda and other crimes against humanity should be told not only through extensive historical research but also through personal stories that show the struggles, difficulties, and dilemmas that people have endured in order to learn, honor their memory, and prevent such crimes in the future.


Old School Analog Camera

Our Mission

A steady increase in the number of high schools and academic educational institutions that operate are exposed to the program, both in terms of video creation and their use in Israel and abroad with the help of:


1. Connecting the youth to past events and their implications, through research and seeking testimonies.

2. Exposing the videos to friends of the program’s participants, those who then continue to share on social networks, testimonies and raising awareness of crimes against humanity and racism.

3. Creating a digital archive of videos used for educational and other purposes in formal educational institutions and in the community – as a tool to increase global awareness.

Pini Snir

My name is Pini Snir and the memory of the Holocaust is very dear to my heart.

I am a third generation Holocaust survivor grown in a house where the Holocaust was discussed.

The teens, I believe, are less connected to the memory of the Holocaust and its implications than I think they should.

In order to increase the presence and the memory of the Holocaust among the youth, I set up the "Renewed Memory" project.

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