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Genocide against the Tutsi Survivor’s testimonies

20 Days in the toilet                                                               


This is a 5 minutes video about a woman called Judith whose family was killed in the genocide and survived after being in a toilet for 20 days.

Actors: MUTONIWABO Benita,  MUGSHA Cristian, NIYIBIZI Gervais,  SHEMA Muhire Ally, MUNGWANEZA Shania,  BRUCE Gisa,  NKINGI Fabrice,  GATARI Regis 

Mentor: Sara Eilat 

The evidence of our story

Our story was got from a testimony of a woman called Murebwayire which was on youtube from igihe tv. The link of the testimony

The experience

This project we have done gave us an experience that we didn’t think we will gain from this project. Like working in team, building connection between team members, it also gave us an experience on understanding or having more knowledge on what really happened during 1994 genocide that happened in Rwanda.  SKILLS GAINED : Some learnt more about editing , Some got experience to acting and video photographing , We learnt to work as a group It was a pleasure to work on something that we know is going to play a big role to build and educate the youth about our country’s history to be a better future.

The message

The message of our story is that ‘’we should forgive, life must go on.’’

From Darkness to Brightness                                                                


DESCRIPTION OF OUR STORY  Our story based on unity and reconciliation among Rwandans. The story starts when the two families live together in peace and love but in 1994, the family of Eliya killed the family of Gaston. Eliya was punished and ask for forgiveness. After being forgiven, the son to Eliya married the daughter to Gaston.

THE MESSAGE  We encourage the young generation to forgive each other and even if there is a mistake, they should ask for forgiveness. We should live as one since together we can.

THE WORK EXPERIENCE  Team work, time management, acting in the movies, organize the work before it is done and teaching young generation through videos.

SKILLS GAINED  Team work, script writing, acting in the movies and video editing and sharing.

ACTORS  TUYISHIME Ezechiel ZENE Koukou Mahamat Patience Saidath Abel Muhire Moses Sano CAMERA Michael Arsene  DIRECTOR TUYISHIME Ezechiel MENTOR Elinor CO MENTOR Yaron Reshef

Denial Due to Shame                                                                


 Our clip is based on an original idea that came from one of our group members, where we are looking at a topic called Denial due to shame. Denial due to shame is an idea that explains the journey of a young man whose parents were perpetrators Was leaving with the shame of what his parents did in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and whenever they could talk about Commemoration he would always deny to his friends that there was no Genocide not because he did not know that it really  Happened however, because he was facing the challenge of shame of what he cannot change.

Message in the story

We should not led the shame of the past blind our eyes to the future as youth in different corners of the world we really we can  Not stay denying what we know that happened in our country we would rather deal with shame but not denying it is ok to feel  Ashamed but it is not ok to deny.

Experience It was of great pleasure participating in this project about the genocide against Tutsi, on our Side like the actors it was not easy to  Act this story because it was really hard since some of us were not born yet by the 1994 but we hard to understand the idea and  Try to educate our fellow youth. We thank the Renewed Memory Team more especially our mentor Dror and Dili for their great  Support towards the success of this story and finally I want to appreciate each team member in team 3 for their great Participation and the great work done. I thank you all and looking forward to see us joining hands and fight against denial that  Caused by the shame.

Team members

Emma Daniel Moise Ntabwoba Adam Kwizera Lilliane Muhire Frank Ntarindwa


Dror and Joy


Never Give Up                                                               


It’s a testimony about a man called Ibrahim who survived the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi who had  a family; father, mother and siblings who were killed in the Genocide    


The story is about a young boy who lost his family in the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.  He struggles to survive on his own in the bamboo forest and later is rescued by the RPF Inkotanyi  .Later after 27 years he is a grown and well established man with a family. 


“No matter the grief life has to evolve, better days are ahead so never give up” 


High level of cooperation and collaboration among the renewed memory members. -Sharing of ideas and quick implementation within a given short time.  -High team work levels among the different members yet some had seen each other for the first time.


This project made us discover some of our hidden talents i.e. acting, movie directing, and idea generating and developing among others.   -It was also very challenging given the time given for the shooting and editing, there wasn’t enough rehearsals but still the project became a success.  -The mentor was verbal and approachable, we learnt a lot from him for example how to work with young people through sharing ideas but also letting they take part in decisions being made. 


-Editing skills  -Videography skills  -Team work  -Time management skills

ACTORS  Ishema Edgard  Mudahogora Esther  Ntete Olive  Kachondo Innocent Ruberwa Allan

MENTOR: Mr.Shaya

Little Kamali                                                              

DESCRIPTION ABOUT OUR STORY Our story is about a young boy called Kamali, who had a family before 1994.He had parents and  good neighbors who lived together in peace. When, the Genocide against Tutsi occurred parents were both killed by their  neighbor who was also their friend.Kamali managed to escape but he lived in misery, anguish and trauma after that experience. He had to go through counselling for him to be well again. After getting better, Kamali took the first step to forgive the one who killed his family and live in harmony.

THE EVIDENCE OF OUR STORY  This story is not based on a true story, but instead it is an idea that came from different testimonies of people who were there and who survived Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994.

ACTORS Dusenge Johnson Denyse Uwase Rusa Iraguha Jotham MUNYANA Maximilien Audace Cyubahiro honore Abimana Didier Honore Manzi winyi Saliat  Ines Winnie

MENTOR: Eyal Millet Ishay Eilat

THE EXPERIENCE To the people who participated in the story, it was emotional and also hard for them to act in repetition to what happened in the past as it is a sensitive story. On the other hand, it was also a good experience for them to be part of such an amazing project like that and contribute to it as the Rwandan youth. 

SKILLS GAINED  -Editing skills -Acting skills Videography skills

THE MESSAGE “ Youth should learn from the past and happen again ” take responsibility to hinder  what happened (Genocide) to ever

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