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How the program works

Through the 6-month-long program, the students research and study past events and the implications of these historical atrocities.  They receive training from education, communication, production and editing professionals. Ultimately, they create a visual message implemented in a short video clip (filmed and edited on their mobile phones) based on an existing testimony in which the students present how the testimony has had an impact on them. These video clips are then shared on relevant social networks.

Main topics and stages:

Preparation and Training – Historical study of the events, testimony selection, visit to a relevant museum, professional training (storytelling, script writing, filming, editing) to create a video clip.

Video clip creation – preparation, filming, editing, professional editor and producer support.

Distribution – social media networks, training, education.

Mode of Operation: Lectures and training via online conference calls, practice, and implementation by the class teacher and personal practice by the students.


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